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What We Offer

Haviland Pool and Spa ProTeam brand

Commodity Chemicals

Recreational Water Products (Pool & Spa)

Surface Finishing Products & Support

Haviland is basically a chemical company. We distribute, blend, dilute, blend, repackage, transport, analyze and market the raw ingredients that help produce the products you use every day. The diversity of our product offerings, manufacturing capabilities along with our laboratory personnel have allowed us to become experienced in many industries.

While experience is great. Expertise is Better. 

We are experts in Pool Chemistry. We are experts in Surface Finishing Chemistry. We are experts in Commodity Chemistry. We are experts in Contract Manufacturing. 

We offer great products, great service and expertise. 

What Our Customers Say

Wayne Fish - Haviland customer

"It's like the good old days again. We are saving twenty percent on the cost of chemicals, using less and getting better results."

Wayne Fish | VP | Southwest Plating Inc. | Duncan, OK


"I am sincerely grateful that you went above and beyond – it happens so rarely these days – so when it does, you win lots of kudos!"

Patricia R. | Pool /Homeowner | Woodlands, TX


"I can confidently state that Haviland Products has separated itself from others by providing second-to-none customer service.  Plain and simple.  The timely responses received from my Account Executive Kevin Nicholas, to the outstanding lab staff and their commitment to root cause analysis, Haviland is on the ball and a true pleasure to work with."

Bill | Procurement Manager | Haviland Customer*
*Non-disclosure customer. 
What Makes Us Different

Haviland powder packaging

As an employee-owned company, our people help make us who we are.

Dedication to service. Dedication to process. Dedication to customer. 

Those same principals are also staples of our service process. We strive to not only offer the products you want, but to also find the solutions you need. Easy to say. Hard to do. 

Explain how.

We know that many of our products, especially our industrial products are used as part of another process. A good example comes from a long-time customer in Eastern Michigan.

On a recent customer visit, the plant manager offered a plant tour. Since the customer only purchases on product, he never thought a tour was that exciting. During the tour, the Haviland sales rep noticed that the customer was opening bag after bag of product and pouring the contents into a large mixing tank. Each of the 50lb bags was first being carried up a flight of stairs by hand.  

After a few more minutes of conversation, it became apparent that not only did the product handling include inefficiencies, but the chemistry itself offered challenges due to its insolubility. (It takes a long time of vigorous blending to dissolve)

Today, Haviland supplies the customer with a pre-mixed liquid product that saves time and money, while providing the customer with a consistent product every time.

Sometimes, finding out what you need starts by finding out what we can do. 

We love our website, but nothing compares to a tour. Contact your sales rep or CLICK HERE to set up a tour.