Safely managing chemical distribution, manufacturing and packaging excellence for more than 80 years.

About Us

We are a team of employees committed to offering the best products and services to our customers. We are employee-owners sharing the rewards of hard work. We are over 300 years of laboratory experience. We are industrial. We are pool. We are contract manufacturing. We are proud to be the owners of Haviland.

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Haviland Enterprises, Inc. | Two companies. | Many businesses 

Haviland Products Company (HPC) is one of two companies under the Haviland Enterprises umbrella. HPC has supplied commodity chemistry to customers throughout the Midwest since Haviland's founding in 1934. Haviland Products Company is also the home to Haviland Surface Finishing. Haviland is a world-leader in cleaning, plating and anodizing chemistry and technical support. The Haviland Laboratory plays a critical role in the success of HPC. 

Haviland Contract Packaging is a business group under HPC that formulates, blends, packages and distributes a variety of chemistries for many Fortune 500 companies. 

Haviland Pool & Spa Products Company produces recreational water treatment products (pool and spa chemicals) that are sold in the United States through the distribution network. 'Poolies' began operation in 1968, and today Haviland Pool & Spa is a leader in pool and spa treatment products. Haviland produces eight house brands including ProTeam and SpaPure, while also private-labeling products for nationally recognized pool centers. 

Haviland Pool & Spa company has manufacturing locations in Michigan, Ohio and Arizona, with distribution partners across the United States.

Where We Are

Haviland Enterprises Warehousing

Haviland has five manufacturing and warehousing locations throughout the United States.  Headquarters |  421 Ann St. N.W. Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Haviland maintains manufacturing facilites in Grand Rapids, Michigan, North Bend, Ohio and our newest location in Chandler, Arizona. 

Haviland's team of technical sales and service representatives are in your area and available to assist you.